ScottyCash: The new Flare Network Incentive Token with real revenue-based rewards

Forget the moon ScottyCash is blasting off to a whole new galaxy of rewards! ScottyCash is on a mission to beam revenue directly into the wallets of its loyal crew. Powered by the Flare blockchain and the iconic “Beam me up, Scotty!” catchphrase, ScottyCash is the interstellar incentive token that keeps on giving. Hold 1000+ $SCOTTY and fuel your crypto journey with out-of-this-world rewards delivered every two weeks.

About Us

The ScottyCash team embarked on an intergalactic mission: to create an incentive token that truly puts its holders first. Our mission is to make holding $SCOTTY feel like a constant stream of revenue rewards beamed straight to your wallet.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Warp-Speed Revenue Generation: ScottyCash isn’t just sitting around. We’re constantly exploring new revenue streams in the Flare ecosystem, delivering real value to power our rewards program
  • Beam Me Up, Rewards! We’re committed to sharing the wealth. A whopping 75% of all revenue generated by ScottyCash is distributed back to $SCOTTY holders every two weeks. That’s stellar transparency and interstellar rewards.
  • Mission Control: Yes, we need fuel for our starship! 20% of revenue is reserved for operational expenses, 5% for buyback and burn, ensuring ScottyCash runs smoothly and continues to seek out new sources of cosmic rewards.

Join the ScottyCash crew and experience the future of crypto rewards. Hold $SCOTTY, earn rewards, and let’s beam our way to a brighter crypto galaxy!

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