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Pre-Sale 1 June 2024

  • Pre-Sale
  • 50% Sold out
Total Raised 1 FLR = 2 SCOTTY

Turn your $SCOTTY holdings into a
passive income

Rewards for Early Adopters

Early adopters get beamed to the front of the rewards line.


Revenue Rewards for Holding

Your $SCOTTY stash = Your share of real revenue profits.


Fair Distribution & Transparency

Revenue beamed straight to your wallet – no hidden agendas.


Community-Centric Approach

Your voice matters and powers our interstellar mission.


Guaranteed Monthly Rewards


Advanced Security Management


Send & Receive in Wallet with ease

This incentive token is on a mission.
Hold $SCOTTY and automatically qualify for a share of 75% of all revenue generated by ScottyCash, beamed directly to you.

Flare network $SCOTTY contract renounced

  • Team - 15.000.000: 10%
  • Fair Launch - 135.000.000: 90%
  • DEX - 135.000.000: 100%

Powered by the Flare Network and the iconic
"Beam me up, Scotty!" catchphrase.

  • 1 Symbol: SCOTTY
  • 2 Initial Value : 1 SCOTTY = 0,00002035 FLR
  • 3 Blockchain: FLARE BLOCKCHAIN

Our Roadmap

June 2024

Launch $SCOTTY

The genesis of ScottyCash – token launch on the Flare blockchain, establishing our presence in the crypto galaxy.

May 2024

Igniting Revenue Streams

ScottyCash ventures into revenue-generating activities within the Flare ecosystem and via other trading methods, powering our rewards program.

June 2024

Beam the Rewards! Inaugural Airdrop

$SCOTTY holders receive their first taste of out-of-this-world rewards, directly to their crypto wallets, no matter where they holding it.

April 2024

Expanding $SCOTTY: Exchange Listing

$SCOTTY becomes accessible to a wider audience through listing on a major cryptocurrency exchanges globally.

April 2024

Seeking New Partnership Expansion

ScottyCash collaborates with strategic partners to enhance our ecosystem, unlock new revenue opportunities, and boost rewards.

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Captain Cosmos


Orion Overdrive


Cosmo Crunch


Astra Atlas


Luna Launchpad

Project Manager

Meteor Maven

Marketing Manager

Ask Quick Question

On April 23rd we renounced ownership of the SCOTTY contract on the Flare Network, here's the announcement:

📢 #ScottyCash crew, your trust is our mission! We've renounced contract ownership, meaning a safer, fairer & more transparent $SCOTTY for everyone. We're in this together, focused on building long-term value and those epic passive income streams.

ScottyCash generates revenue through various ventures. To ensure fair rewards distribution, we take three snapshots throughout the two-week period. Your average $SCOTTY holdings across these snapshots determine your eligibility for the revenue rewards.

A minimum holding of 100K SCOTTY is required. 75% of that revenue is distributed to eligible holders every two weeks, with rewards proportional to your average holdings.

You become eligible for rewards when you hold a minimum of 100K $SCOTTY tokens. Rewards are distributed bi-weekly, so keep an eye on your wallet!

We're constantly exploring new revenue streams within the Flare ecosystem and outside this network. This includes FlareDrops, NFT projects, partnerships, investments, or other innovative ventures that align with our mission.

Transparency is key! Revenue reports and reward distribution details will be regularly published for the community to review.

Follow our social media channels and join our community on Telegram for the latest updates, announcements, and a direct line to the ScottyCash team.

Access your $SCOTTY globally from anywhere

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